Monday, December 1, 2008

Let's Paint

I had a brilliant idea to paint 2 accent walls in my living room with a dark mossy green paint. The rest of the room is a light beige so I know I need to be very careful as I no longer have any more or the original paint. I tape it off on Friday, and paint all day Saturday. Got most of it painted but notice that the top of the ledge also needs to be painted as you can see it from the loft area. Up and down the 18 foot ladder I go, and finally finish painting at 1:30 this afternoon. I peel the tape off and now have all these boo boos to fix because the stupid tape leaked. The commercial on TV never shows any paint leakage when you use their tape. What gives! Off to the paint store I go to buy more of the original living room paint color so I can fix my mistakes.
I'm lucky they still make that color. While at the store I see this wonderful looking edger that I
buy. Yeah I know, what a sucker. Tomorrow I will try out my new fangled edgers so wish me luck! I'll post pictures if I can get the card reader on the computer to work.


curtis and jacque dana said...

Way to go Mamma Marilyn! You are so good to tackle that painting job! I'm sure it looks great(: can't wait to see you too!

Chelley said...

Good for you! When you get tired of painting your place, you can come and paint mine!!

Wendi said...

I hope you found the color you wanted, and oh by the way we fell for the edger gadget too, it sort of works, good luck with that one. Call me if you can. Good luck, you're the best.

Anonymous said...

I hate painting!! After painting our whole place I vow to pay someone next time, well that's what I say now :) Good luck with the edger. One we bought worked really well(wheels on top with a flat sponge) for the most part but none of them are completely fool proof. Have fun!!