Friday, December 12, 2008

Things I Need To Do

1. Finish visiting teaching and email my report to Carla.

2. Buy gift cards for a few members on the Relief Society Board.

3. Finish my gifts for the Visiting Teaching Supervisors and get them delivered.

4. Finish my Christmas shopping and hopefully get Tommy his birthday gift, as soon as he tells me what he wants.

5. Do the laundry and bake my goodies to take to the ward party.

6. Plan the menu, shop, and make food assignments for the annual Campa Christmas Eve party. Yep, we are hosting this year.

7. Finish addressing and mailing Christmas Cards.

8. Make goodies for Tommy to take to his home teaching families.

9. Grocery shop for the next week.

10. Take four Advil because just reading this list is giving me a HUGE headache!!


Wendi said...

You are a nut!!! Have fun with that list. I am cleaning my head off this morning so that in a few hours I can concentrate on hugging the most wonderful girl in the world. So sounds like both of us are busy, maybe we'll get to talk again after the new year begins!!! Just kidding, I'll keep praying for you!!! You're amazing and you will have that list knocked down in just moments no doubt.
Have a great day!!!

Chris, Mom,and Grandma said...

Thanks for the cute Christmas Card, you are on the ball, I say every year I want to do that and I never do... Have a Merry Christmas and for sure lets get together ater the Hoilidays...