Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Eve

Every year for Christmas, the Campa's get together on Christmas Eve and have a huge dinner and gift exchange. This year it was at my sister in law's, Jewelie. We had a really great time. Tons of yummy Mexican food, carne asada, beans, rice, chips, guacamole, you name it, we had it! Many desserts to add to the already 5 extra pounds I had gained at Thanksgiving. There is always the rest of the year to loose it, right?
The highlight of the evening is the white elephant exchange we all do. Last year Tommy snagged the coveted Mr. Potato Head, and this year, I was able to snag the
red socks with fur.
Andrew, my niece's son was not happy to get them, so I think I did him a favor by stealing them. I had to steal them back many times before the end of the game. But aren't they cute?
Here are some of the pictures from our event.

My sister in law, Penny with her goodies. I stole the socks from her and she was the better woman and picked from the pile of unopened gifts. What a gal!

My cute nieces, Monica, Angela, and Tasha. They are the best!

Andy, Peanut, and me. Peanut was very carefully looking at all the gifts so she could pick wisely!

The whole gang including my sister in law, Jewelie's family. There are many of us, and every year we add one or two more to the family. In a few more years we may have to look into renting a hall to hold are party, but who would we leave out? They are all so great that I can't think of a better family I would rather be a part of! Love them all!!


Wendi said...

It looks like you had a blast. I hope that after Sunday I can breath and am feeling good enough with the Primary Crunch for the new year that we could actually do something together. Love the pictures.

Rachel and Chris said...

Too fun! The Holidays are SO tiring but it looks like you took them in spades. Props.