Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Freda's Visit

This last week, my cousin from Arkansas came for a short visit. Only one other cousin has come to Phoenix, and she was here on a business trip, and I only got to see her when we had dinner, so this was a real treat for me. Other than Nancy making her visit, this is the only other relative Tommy has met. In the past, he has never wanted to go with me to my reunions, but he is now warming up to the idea.
Tommy took the day off and we drove to Roosevelt Lake via Tortilla Flats. We stopped and got a few pictures along the way.

You can't visit Tortilla Flat and miss getting your picture taken with the famous toliet lid!

Or the wooden Indian. (or should I say, wooden Native American.)

We stopped at the dam and as you can see, the desert was in full bloom.

We went shopping and bless her heart, she was a real trooper when we took my soon to be daughter in law. It was the night she arrived and we shopped for over 3 long hours. She was tired, but never complained. She was in hog heaven when we found a needlepoint shop. I don't needlepoint, but it was fun to look at all the beautiful creations others had made. Tommy had stopped at Ranch Market and bought some carne asada that we threw on the grill. We ate it with some beans, homemade flour tortillas from Superior, and Tommy's famous homemade salsa. The highlight was the blackberry bread pudding we brought home from Crackers.
We had a great visit and I hope that she can find the time to come visit us again!


Wendi said...

sounds like a blast. I wish I could have seen her. I am glad you got to go to Roosevelt and see the pretty desert. So let me know if I have been booted from the reunions!!! I think it's great that he is coming around, but just to warn you, you will never have the fun with him there that we have. So think really hard about it!!!! Just kidding.....2 more days.

Rachel and Chris said...

I wish I knew how to needlepoint. I am so non-informed I wouldn't know what would be in that shop other than needles! Love the toilet shot.

Meg said...

How Fun! I miss you! Man, can you please invite us over for dinner already?!?! :D That food sounded so dang good! Glad your cousin came to visit. I loved the toilet pictures!

Fawn said...

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