Monday, July 26, 2010

Work Tommy/Fun Tommy

First of all, if my husband knew that I was blogging about him I would probably be in divorce court. But since he does not read or care about my blogging adventures, and if my friends will not mention it to him, hint, hint...then no harm done, right?
The month leading up to Andy's wedding and until the end of June I noticed a difference in Tommy. He was fun and nice, and pleasant to be around. I know that I probably drive him crazy, but he has put up with it for 30 years and I really think he is used to me now. Lately, work Tommy has been living in our house, and he is not so much fun. In fact, I want fun Tommy back. If you keep up with my blog, you know that I recently acquired hearing aides. They're not something that I really like, in fact the drive me crazy. The one thing the guy at the hearing place told me is that I still will not hear some things. Tommy is a bit of a low talker and there are moments I really don't hear him. Well he gets really angry with me and the whole "do you have your hearing aides in" comment pops out. I haven't heard that comment until work Tommy showed up at my house. I really try to pay attention, but sometimes I miss things. Yesterday, I was in the closet pulling my clothes out and getting ready to iron them for church. I didn't mention it to Tommy because I thought he already had a shirt ironed. Well when I came back in with my clothes he mentioned that he better go down and iron his stuff. I commented, "oh, I thought you had a shirt ironed. Why didn't you say anything?" He replies, "because you didn't ask me," and then was mad at me the rest of the morning. BRING BACK MY FUN TOMMY!!
He mentioned the other day that I was getting bored and should look for a part time job. I thought, yeah, it's summer and too hot to do anything, so yes I am a little bored. However, when the weather gets cooler I usually can find a lot to do to occupy my time. So I put in a application at Costco for a part-time job. I wouldn't mind going back to work if I could name my own hours and not have to work on Sundays. But I don't think that is in the cards. I worked full time for 30 years and really want to be able to do things I wasn't able to do when working. I guess maybe he is a little jealous of that.
I want you all to know that even though "work Tommy" has been here lately, and more so with me than anyone else. Fun Tommy pops up every so often and I am trying hard to see if I can bring him back.
Oh, one last thing. If you have any good recipes that you don't mind sharing, I would love to have them. I am getting so bored of cooking the same old thing for dinner week after week. My email is mpcampa@
Thanks for letting me vent and ramble on. I feel so much better!


Wendi said...

I'm telling on you :) JK. I totally understand. Mums the word.

Rachel and Chris said...

Around here I think Chris is probably wanting Fun Rachel back :)

Good luck!
Will think of recipes...

Brent and Terina Maldonado said...

Ah the joys of marriage! :D
For some new recipes you might want to try deals to meals. I used it and LOVE all the recipes! I'll email you some of them. The site is