Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day

With Mother's Day approaching I wanted to pay a tribute to my mom. She had a tough life, and was sick most of the time that I remember, but I still have some really great memories of her. My mom suffered from depression and had a bi-polar disorder that she battled most of my childhood and adult life. But considering all that she went through, I think she did a wonderful job of being a mom and wife.

Wasn't she a looker! She was a very pretty young lady and as she got older, and aged, she still had the prettiest skin ever. I remember her telling me to always wear sunscreen even though not much was known about sun damage and skin cancer. Every night she would wash and clean her face with ponds cold cream. I think that's why she had such pretty skin.

This is my mom with my sister, just outside their new home. My mom really loved us and she was quite the talented lady. She sewed most of our clothes, and taught me how to sew when I was in 6th grade. She made some beautiful dresses for me and my sister. Every Easter we were always decked out in matching dresses, shoes, and gloves. She also taught me to crochet and cook. I love to crochet, and really hate to cook so I guess the cooking lessons didn't help me too much!

My mom worked for Dr. Telford, a dentist in downtown Mesa as a dental assistant. She truly loved her job and was really good with people. I remember that when I was younger, she became a Welcome Wagon Hostess and would be gone 2 or 3 days a week, welcoming newcomers to the Mesa area. She made a lot of friends doing this and kept in touch with them long after she quit. She had a special talent of taking care of the elderly, and even though she sometimes complained about not having enough time for herself, she would faithfully go over and do whatever it was they needed at the time.

My dad worked night driving a truck and he would be gone for 2 nights at a time. Those were the nights that we had all the good stuff that my dad didn't like to eat for dinner. Like french toast, eggs, popcorn, and sometimes it was Sandy Drive In hamburgers. The best were the nights we would head to the drive in to watch movies. My sister, brother, and I would get dressed in our p.j.'s and always would fall asleep before the 2nd movie was over.

I was rather sickly when I was a child and these are the times I remember her the most. It didn't matter how tired or sick she was, she was always there to make sure I was okay. I remember having pneumonia and had been cooped up in the house for over 2 weeks. One night she decided that we were going to go for a short drive to get Dairy Queen and just get me out of the house to see some new scenery.

When I had braces on my teeth and had just been to the orthodontist, she would make me pancakes that night for dinner. The school's I attended were just down the street from our house. So come rain or shine, I walked to school, but when it was cold and rainy, my mom would meet me at the door with hot chocolate and a blanket to wrap up in.

As she got older and couldn't care for herself, she lived with me for 3 years. I really don't think I did her justice with the care I gave her. I was not very patient and I complained a lot. If I had to do things over again, I would have quit my job and taken care of her the way she deserved.

I love you and miss you! I hope that you will forgive me for complaining.


KJ's Perspective Take 2 said...

I loved reading that tribute of your mom. She was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this history. Happy Mother's Day.

Wendi said...

That was so great. Don't ever think that you did not take good care of her. You were the best and always worried that she was okay no matter where she was, or where you were in life. You are an amazing daughter and there is nothing to forgive you for. I loved your mother too, and I can see that she taught you great things because you are a wonderful, beautiful, mother yourself. I know she is proud. Love love love the pictures, and you.