Friday, August 17, 2012


For the longest time I was NOT going to get hooked up on pinterest, in fact, I thought it was really stupid that there was this web site you go to to pin pictures of stuff I'll never use or make. Well I am now eating crow! Yes, I too have joined the millions of pinterest(ers). Why did I ever get started! I could literally spend hours upon hours on there looking up 30 different ways a chocolate chip can be made into a cookie.

I'm not a great cook, but I do okay. I don't really venture far from my usual stuff I make. I have pinned probably 20 to 30 different food dishes and have yet to try one. Part of my problem is that I have a meat and potatoes man in my house. I have to admit that since we have been married he has gotten better. That's probably because he would starve! One of these days I am going to surprise him with a big, ole, vegetable casserole!!

My favorite pinterest things are all the home decor and organization that is out there. It's like a virtual IKEA, only a little classier, store. I love anything with a bin, nook, hook, or bookcase. And I LOVE the whole shabby chic look!! The funny thing is, my house has not a shabby chic look about it at all. Well, maybe a little Shabby. I look at all these things and get so overwhelmed that I give up and do nothing. Maybe in my next house!

Well I hear pinterest calling my name to look and dream of more stuff that I can't have! What do you like about pinterest?


Heather said...

Oh pinterest! I love it for finding new recipes, crafty/school things for my kids, decorating ideas, etc. Love hate relationship since it is a total time sucker.

Rachel said...

I like Pinterest too. What I like are the sites with kids - what I can do with them. But I LOVE my tips and tricks board - like the idea of putting a rubber band on a paint can to wipe the extra paint off with. I mean why didn't I think about that! Oh and the my style board