Monday, February 2, 2009

Twenty One

Approximately 21 years and 4 months ago someone came into my life that changed everything. For approximately 8 years of our married life Tommy and I struggled with infertility. I recall every morning waking up and the first thing I did was place a thermometer in my mouth and chart it so we could tell when I ovulated. Then there was all the laproscopic, and laser surgeries along with the fertility drugs and all the procedures that went with it, that after 7 years I had enough. We proceeded with adoption through the state and then waited. One day in June I received a phone call that there was a 4 month old baby boy available. The catch was that the parents were not severed from him and so we would have to do foster/adopt, which means he would live in our home until he was legally free for us to adopt. His foster parents home was in north Phoenix, but it could have been in Montana because we just couldn't get there fast enough! He looked just like Tommy and after our first visit I knew he was suppose to be a part of our family. After 14 months of waiting and a scary incident with an aunt who tried to block the adoption, he was FINALLY ours. Today Andy turned 21 and it seems like it was just yesterday we were introduced to this perfect little 4 month old. He is an awesome young man, who is not only nice looking, but is smart and compassionate. I don't like to argue with him because he always seems to have a valid reason and if I feel like I am loosing I pull the MOM card. However that doesn't happen too often. Below are some of the pictures of him I love. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANDY!!

State Championship-Senior Year

Christmas 2008-Notice the chin hair!

On the beach in San Diego with Jacob.

Rock Band-Derek and Andy


Anonymous said...

What a great story. Congratulations for raising such a great young man. 21, that's a big one.

Wendi said...

Happy Birthday Anres Tomasa Campa Lampa. You were just a little boy coming over every day after Kindergarten, when did all this growing up happen!!! life is funny that way huh!!! Well we love you and hope that you had a great day yesterday. Be Happy Andy, and thanks for the memories!!!

Chris, Mom,and Grandma said...

Happy Birthday Andy, thanks for sharing your story very cool...have a great day..

Carla said...

Great post! I got all teary reading it. You are a great mom!

Jamie and Sherrie said...

Campa Family I was so excited to find your blog from Wendi's. I didn't know either family had a blog. Happy Birthday Andy!!! I started crying reading this sweet post!!!!! It brought back so many memories. Where did all the time go!!!!!! I still remember Andy as a sweet, polite little boy that brought so much sunshine to my life!!!!!!!! Your family touched my life more than you will every know. Thanks for your example, love and friendship. I'm excited to read your posts. Tell everyone Hi from the Jackson Family!!!!!!

Antoinette Shirley said...

Wow...I never knew that story. What an amazing journey you went through! I'm very glad you finally got him! Thank you for raising him to be such a gentleman! :D