Monday, March 23, 2009

Just Rambling On

I don't have any cute pictures to post or anything clever to say, just want to ramble on about my week and life in general. It has been a week since Eddie has moved in and things are going good. He now has a car and a way to get to and from work. On Thursday he goes and takes the test for his GED. I hope he passes. He has now moved into the downstairs bedroom and has been very diligent about keeping it clean and tidy. He know if he doesn't that momma Marilyn will be on the rampage!
I've gotten into canning lately. I went in with three other ladies and bought a canning pressure cooker. This Wednesday we are getting together and I am going to can chicken. I bought the "Canning Book for Dummies" at one of the stores. It has some good information in it and maybe I will become proficient and no longer be the canning dummy!
Yesterday after church I spent all day watching about 7 episodes of Alias. I am at the end of the series and just can't finish it fast enough. The sad thing is that I kept falling asleep and had to rewind the DVD so I could see what I missed. I really need to get my life back and finish this stupid thing! I have the same issue with the Gilmore Girls. I watch all the reruns on TV and have seen it about 4 times now. You would think I could miss an episode or two, but no!
I have procrastinated the morning away blogging, reading blogs, looking at elements to change my blog. I really need to get busy!


Wendi said...

Life is a blast for sure. Sometimes we just have to take a break from all of the craziness. "The beach, the beach, the beach," can't wait!!!

Sheila Wilkerson - EzScrapbooks said...

I meant to follow up with you on your bean canning adventure. Pass on any good info for canning please.

Wendi said...

By the way I am blocked on Heather's blog, talk to her fast!!!

Chelley said...

That's how I discovered Alias and I couldn't get enough!! I miss it!

Anonymous said...

Kudos on the canning. I wish I had the time to do it. I have always wanted to learn. Fun visiting with you today, wish it could have been longer.