Monday, March 30, 2009


My groovy sister-in-law sent me a request to join facebook, and even though I was a little leary, I joined. I loved keeping in touch with friends here, and even found friends out of state that I haven't seen or communicated with in years. I love reading the updates, viewing the photos, and just the trivial stuff everyone posts. That is, I loved it up until Saturday when I went to view a you tube video that someone sent me. I uploaded a virus into my computer that my virus protection software was unable to clean or to quarantine. I tried everything to remove the stupid virus, and then gave up. I got mad and went to the face book web site and deleted my page. We took our PC to my very talented brother-in-law and he is going to clean it for us. Luckily I have a friend that gave me a computer and I have access to Internet and email. Well this morning I had second thoughts about deleting my face book account. It really is the only contact I have with some of my friends, and it is a good way to see what Andy is up to. So this morning I reactivated my account and learned my lesson.
Over the weekend was my brother-in-law's birthday/retirement party and his wife had a big to do for him. It was so much fun to see everyone, and the food was so good! I have to say, Jewelie can cook. She had fried ravioli, rigatoni, and some other pasta dish that was so good. Andy brought his girlfriend with him and they ribbed her endlessly. She was a good sport about it and had fun. Tommy is thinking of retiring in the nest few years so I better be saving my pennies so I can give him a retirement party too. Jewelie set the bar way to high, cause I am not that good of cook!


Chelley said...

Sorry to hear about the virus! There is supposed to be a doozy of a virus being released tonight! I wish people would just play nice!!

Anonymous said...

The virus thing sticks. It is happening to lots of people. Facebook is so fun, but that is scary. Just gotta be super careful what you open up.