Friday, August 28, 2009

San Diego and Bust, Nose!

I know that the title to this post is rather strange, but just stay with me and you will see why. Before my surgery, Tommy thought it would be a good idea to take a family vacation and go to San Diego and Magic Mountain. At first I just wanted to get the surgery out of the way, but am so glad that we went. I had made up my mind that no matter what happened, what I ate, when I ate it, and how much I ate didn't matter. I was going to have fun.
Our first day in San Diego we went to the beach and while Andy, Aaron, and Tommy boogie boarded, I sat in a beach chair with my book and read. The weather was gorgeous and the water wasn't too cold. As you see by the pictures, the boys had a blast!
Andy coming in with Aaron behind him.

The look of a content young man in the ocean.
The next day, we decided to go to Sea World. We haven't been there in forever and the morning was cool, but it got HOT during the daylight hours. Andy was not being cooperative when it came to taking a picture with is mom.

He can't already be tired, cause we had just came in the gate.

We saw every show they had and of course, Shamu was one of them. The night showing of Shamu was the best in my opinion.

Inside the bubble of the shark tank. Doesn't seem like that little bubble can keep you safe from the sharks. Wonder if their thinking, "hey, here's lunch"!

Andy and Aaron decided to ride the Neptune ride at about 6:00 p.m. This would have been a good idea at 1:00 since they got soaked!

Happy, but cold!
We ate at old town San Diego at the Mexican cafe and it was sooooo good! We left Sea World and went to Costco and had hot dogs, pizza, churros, and gelato. Okay, I didn't eat all of that, but I did taste all of it! After Sea World, the boys were hungry so off to In N Out for burgers and fries.
The next day we left and headed to Valencia but had to stop at the donuttery and by a dozen doughnuts. Of course they are to die for. It was nearing lunch time and Tommy and Andy wanted menudo. I was craving pozole and I think Aaron was a little scared but was a good sport. We stopped at Los Sanchez and ate. They give you a huge plate of chips with cheese and guacamole before your meal. The bowls of pozole and menudo were HUGE and they came with tortillas, and all the vegetable trimmings. That night we ate sub sandwiches and doughnuts.
The next day at Magic Mountain we decided to eat there. Had Panda and funnel cake for dinner. Can I just say, I was ready to bust! It took a few days for all the junk to work it's way out, but boy was it fun!

Tuesday was my surgery and I came home with a tampon up my nose! Along with a few stints to help me breathe and saline solution to loosen up the "crusties" I should be better in no time. This Tuesday the tampon comes out along with the stints which will help me breathe better when laying down. I have a month of recovery and no heavy stuff. Since I don't want to have to do this again, I will definitely follow the rules!


Brady and Emily said...

Glad all went well! And your trip looked super fun :)

Chelley said...

I am glad you had a great time on your trip!! Yeah! And I am hungry after reading about all you food. I hope you recover quickly and are able to get past this for good!

Lisa said...

Looks like the trip was a lot of fun. And the food sounds so YUMMY or maybe I am just hungry! Hope you have a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Trip looks like it was super fun, so glad for you! I am rooting for you to have a super easy recovery! I am just around the corner if you need anything!