Friday, September 4, 2009

Flowers and Gratitude

The perks about having surgery is all the wonderful food and flowers that you get. Well I didn't take a picture of the food, but I did of the flowers. First my good friend brought me Gerber daisies, and the next day another dear friend brought over a bouquet of field flowers. Then Tommy's brother Rick and his wife Penny brought some more. The result is the picture below of all the flowers combined into one. They are so pretty and really brightened up my day as well as my kitchen.

Today, I was visiting with anther dear, who gave me a book and a cute magnet for my refrigerator, and the door bell rang. Inside was the most beautiful bouquet baby roses. They were sent from a childhood friend that I still keep in contact with. She has moved around a lot, but has finally settled down in Tucson. They are so pretty and it really brightened my day.

I have had friends clean my bathroom, take me to the doctor, grocery shopping, and vacuum my floor. Not to mention all the cards, meals, and phone calls that I have received. All of you have a special place in my heart.

It has been a very humbling experience to have all the wonderful friends and family do so much for me. I guess I am a little prideful because I don't like to accept service. It's because I think I can do it all myself. I am learning that it's okay to ask for help when you need it, and to be grateful when you receive it. Thanks again to all of you!


Wendi said...

You are welcome and so deserving... Feel better

The Karafa Family said...

Marilyn, I am so glad you found me. I thought I had commented awhile back on your blog and thought you were snubbing me.

I hope you and Tommy are doing well!

Chris, Mom,and Grandma said...

I'm a bad friend! but you were in my prayers and thoughts....your flowers were so pretty, love it when you have flowers all over in your house, hope you are feeling better, i wish i could of said your welcome..... i'm kinda stuck at home do you think that will ever come to an end.....NOT... love ya

Jamie and Sherrie said...

Beautiful Flowers!! Glad things went well!! Hope you a have a speedy recovery!!! Friends are the best!!! I agree service is hard to accept. Its way easier to give service!!! I'm glad you let people help you!!!!