Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Just Money

If you read my previous blog then you know about all the air conditioning problems and the $$$ that was paid for a new compressor. What's the old saying; "When it rains it pours" and it's a down pour in my neck of the woods.
First let me say that we have double coverage on our health insurance. With all the health stuff I have had in the past, I am too scared not to have both insurance companies. The bills from my surgery are starting to come in and evidently my insurance didn't pay as much as we had hoped for. I just paid the hospital bill and that was a chunk of change, and now the anesthesiologist bill is forth coming and it looks like it will be another large chunk of change. I got sick this last week with a sinus infection and had to have heavy antibiotics so the bone graph wouldn't get infected. More $$$.
Andy is in desperate need for new clothes. If he was working full time I would have him buy his own, but he's not and he paid for his tuition this semester so I guess I could spring for some new clothes, right? Then I got some much needed new glasses, more $$$.
This morning we noticed the dog was walking funny. At first I thought it was her hip, but she didn't growl or cry out when we touched it. In fact, I took her on a walk and she seemed fine. Andy tells me after the walk that there is a growth on her back paw between the pads. So off to the vet we go. After an hour of poking, probing, examining, and draining, they're not sure what it is, but could be a tumor. Now we wait and see if the inflammation goes down and then they will determine if it has to be cut out or it just may be an infection. Now the dog is taking antibiotics and steroids. More $$$.
As mentioned in my previous blog, I am going to Arkansas to a family reunion. But, I guess I will be window shopping and not spending anything until the down pour passes. I wonder if I can survive for 4 days on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!!


Wendi said...

We can do this, we can we can, we can do this, we can we can. I wish telling yourself this that is would work, but I still want to spend, spend, spend. See you in Arkansas!!!

Chelley said...

I want to find one of those elusive money trees. Then I could give you a branch and you could grow your own! Have fun on your trip, even if its just window shopping!

Chris, Mom,and Grandma said...

spend it and have fun, the money will grow back... sorry to hear about your infection, Rocky Point was fun and the weather was perfect we do need to go again, but gotta wait for some more money!!!:)

KJ said...

I hate money stuff! It is the worst! Glad you can keep your humor about you!