Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Year Older, Not Sure if I'm Another Year Wiser

This past Wednesday I had a birthday. When you get to be 50+ years, you don't celebrate like you used to. I guess all the hoopla isn't so important anymore. Tommy kept pestering me about a gift. I really couldn't thing of anything, and I really don't need anything. Besides all the stuff I want is way too expensive. So we spent a very relaxing day watching movies. That night we went to dinner with Andy and Peanut to Texas Roadhouse. Thank you Tommy and Andy for not telling the waitress it was my birthday. I really didn't want to be humiliated on a saddle while they sang to me.
I have been thinking about what I have learned in life and why I have had the experiences I have had. This is what I have learned:
Since most of my family is gone, I have learned that there will always by people close to me that will love and care for me just as my family would.
I have learned to express my feelings and to let those around me know that I love and care about them.
I have learned not to talk to Tommy while he is watching sports. He really won't hear me anyway.
I have learned that I can communicate with Andy better since he has gotten older.
I have learned not to get upset over things I have no control over.
I have learned that I can choose to have an good or bad attitude.
I have learned that even though I am older, I don't have to act older and can still have fun.
Gee, I guess maybe I have gotten a little bit wiser with my age!


KJ said...

I am glad you had a great birthday. Great words of wisdom you learned.

Stephanie and Cody Sunderhaus said...

Yes you have! And I laugh so hard at the learning of not talking to Tommy while he is watching sports. haha... I KNOW that I can't talk to Cody while he is watching sports or playing on the xbox, but I still do it! Maybe I'll learn one day! hahaha but that always seem to be the best time to talk! :)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Young Lady! Glad you had a nice day and I too would be grateful for no saddle humiliation, whose bright idea was that anyway?

Meg said...

Happy VERY LATE BIRTHDAY! I was on vacation and didn't know, but you still deserve a treat :) I loved the comment about Tommy and sports, so true, I am still learning to not even talk during commericals. You are wise and I hope you keep sharing all your wisdome with us!! Love ya!

Joan Sowards said...

Happy Birthday three weeks late. :-)