Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This past October my friend Wendi and I went to Arkansas for a family reunion on my dad's side. Wendi has become an adopted member of my family. In fact, they look more forward to seeing her than me.! When we walked into the senior center at Hartford, they all rushed to give her a big hug, then me. My aunt Imogene, and my cousin Wendolyn, just love her! My dad grew up in Hartford, which is a tiny speck on the map, close to the Oklahoma border. I look forward to going every year, but with the economy the way it has been, I have only been able to go every other year. Andy has been one year with me, and that was good enough for him, and Tommy is not to hip on the idea, but I think he I may be able to get him there once, after he retires. It amazes me at how much fun the two of us have in a place no one would think would be fun. First, it is beautiful country and the weather was cool. We spend the days in all the little shops and fabric stores, search the cemetery's for my ancestors, and just get a huge kick out of the customs of the people from the south. Thanks Wendi for sacrificing a few days out of your very busy life to go with me. You're the greatest!
I have attached some of the pictures from out trip.

In front of a quaint little restaurant in the older downtown area of Van Buren.

Somebody's door, but it made a great picture!

Let's just hold out the camera and see what kind of picture we get.
Not too bad.

In front of an old brick store.

Most of the remaining "Pitchford" clan.
These are my dad's remaining siblings and spouses. Aunt Imogene,
Uncle Ronald, Aunt Mary, Uncle Hap, and Aunt Marticia. Gotta love
some of those names!


Wendi said...

Never a sacrifice, always a pleasure. I think I will save up for next year I really want to see Beth. Thanks again for your support today and always of course.

KJ said...

Awesome trip! I love taking trips with my girl friends!