Saturday, November 28, 2009


I usually get depressed at Thanksgiving, but something changed this year. Tommy leaves in the morning and goes golfing, and Andy is off to play football or spend the day with his girlfriend. This year I decided that I was not going to let myself get depressed. I took the time to put up the Christmas decorations and do a bit of cleaning. It worked out perfectly cause by the time I was finished, Tommy was home and it was time to leave.
This year we went to Tommy's brother house for Thanksgiving. I don't have any pictures to post cause the camera wouldn't work, so I left it at home. But, we had such a great time. My sister in law is the party queen. She knows how to put together a spread that Martha Stewart would envy! We had 3 turkeys, 2 of them were deep fried and quite tasty, thanks to her daughter and son in law. We had all the fixin's to go with them. I thought I would try a new apple crisp recipe. It was the hit of the night. I brought home barely enough for one serving.
I made a list of the things that I am thankful for and have put them in an area that I can look at when I do get depressed. They are:

My small but wonderful family. Hopefully, Andy will be adding and making our family a bit larger.
The means that have been bestowed upon us to afford our home and to pay for life's necessities. I also have a husband that believes in saving.
My health. Luckily I don't have all the issues that my mom and sister had to deal with. Now more than ever I think about that and what a short time my sister had on this earth. I miss her every day.
The atonement of Jesus Christ, and a kind and loving Father in Heaven who I know loves me.
GREAT friends.
A TV that I can escape to and don't have to watch every sporting event.

It's a small list, and there is much more that I could add, but for now this will do. Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and have your own list of thankful things.


Valerie Ipson said...

I want to be the hit of the night sometime--can I have that apple crisp recipe?

KJ said...

I love your list! That sounds like a lot to be grateful for to me!

Rachel and Chris said...

oh you made me hungry.

Lovely post