Friday, December 11, 2009

I Have a Cold

For the past few weeks I have been busy getting ready for Enrichment. We put on a Christmas program that took weeks to get ready. After going, going, going and then finally the night of the program, I started feeling really icky. The next day I had the wonderful winter cold that comes when the weather turns cold. First Peanut, Andy's girlfriend gets sick, then within a few days Andy caught it, now me. Look out Tommy! Of course I haven't been to the gym in weeks, which bums me out cause just when I feel like I am making headway, something happens that throws me back a few weeks.
I went and saw New Moon the other day and actually liked it better the 2nd time. I was able to pay better attention to what was going on and the theater was more quiet cause there was hardly anyone in there. I guess I should read the 3rd book again to get ready for that movie. It is in a long line of books that I need to read.
I better quit blogging and go get my Christmas cards addressed. I am hoping that I will let myself slow down and enjoy the Christmas season.


Wendi said...

That is good advice SLOW DOWN MARILYN ENJOY THE SEASON....Maybe I'll try that myself. I hope you feel better. I have a double ear infection and upper resporatory infection!!! Z-pack here we come. Ton's of fun. Well maybe we will both get some rest SOME DAY.... and feel better.

Rachel and Chris said...

Eugh I hate the cold season...well I hate getting colds...and being yeah overall the cold season.
I vote you wait til your men leave the house for a few hours and you pour yourself the biggest, bubbliest, best bath ever and have a big massive mug of hot chocolate with you or cold soda. That is the perfect cure for a cold....
or better yet, do all that with a cheap copy of your favorite book. (cheap so you don't cry if it falls in the tub.)

I'm tellin you, that's the home remedy.

Good luck!

curtis and jacque dana said...

I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. I think sooner or later it might catch up with us too. I hope you feel better soon and also that I'll get to see you at Christmas!