Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Head Hurts

Did and didn't have a fun day today. Last week, Andy got sick with a cold and I think I have been trying to catch it from him. So today I sat around and did NADA! I have listed the pros and cons of not doing anything today.

Con - Didn't exercise today or walk the dog.
Pro - Stayed in my pj's until noon.

Con - Didn't finish painting and getting the spare bedroom organized.
Pro - Got caught up on all the TV shows I had on the DVR. There were way too many!

Con - Ate a very large portion of buttered popcorn, and then my head hurt worse.
Pro - Had a couple of pieces of chocolate and that made me feel better.

Con - Really needed to work on Relief Society stuff, but I watched way too much TV.
Pro - Went to Enrichment and felt like that was enough Relief Society for one day.

Hopefully tomorrow, or should I say today since it is already past midnight, I will have a more productive day. I have this anxiety that with a wedding coming up in June that time is running out. In the middle of April, I have a cousin coming from out of town to stay with me and my guest room needs to be gutted and cleaned. However, that can't happen until I get the painting done in the upstairs bedroom. I also need to look for a dress to wear at the wedding reception, a dress or skirt to wear the day they get married, and a dress or skirt to wear when they go through the temple. I also would like to get Andy's bedroom repainted and cleaned out before they move into that room. Oh, so much to do and so little time. No wonder my head hurts!

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Rachel and Chris said...

Ah, yes, you have much to do coming up. Thankfully however, you did eat chocolate!

And good luck, much luck