Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Thoughts

I finished painting my spare bedroom, which really is just a junk room. Why did I paint it if it is just a junk room, you might ask? Well I'm kind of weird that way. For some reason, even though junk finds it way into the room, it looks so much better painted than the ugly, flat, white paint. My goal is to have it all organized with extra shelving so that when Peanut and Andy are married, they will have a place to store all their wedding gifts. Oh, did I tell you, yes, they will be living with us. Which brings me to my next HUGE project....Andy's room. Does the name porky pig bring any vision to your mind? I love him, but his room is a pig sty! Maybe I'll just wait and let Peanut deal with it. Would that be mean? Would I have set the stage for them to have a big, huge fight? Maybe.

I think I have a touch of spring fever this week. All I want to do is sit outside and read a book, or sit out in the sun and try to get some color to my white legs. I need to find a good book to read. Anyone have any suggestions? Too bad I am not rich and could travel to Europe or some other exotic place. Wouldn't that be great!

Anybody out there want to buy an oak bookcase for $40.00? I posted it on Craigs list but I thought why not put it out on my blog too. If you're interested, leave me a comment and I'll contact you.

Well as I sit here wasting time, because you know the spring fever thing, I am feeling a bit guilty because I am not engaged in doing something. I'm sure if I sit here a little longer that feeling will pass. Have a great spring break!


Wendi said...

Oh joy and rapture for the spring break feeling. I am reading Dear John, it is really good. I am almost done and almost stayed up all night just to finish but I knew that today would not be fun if I did that. Anyway you are more then welcome to it. I love the weather and hate it all at the same time. Summer is way to close....I need more days of spring before that HEAT. Have a great one.

Rachel and Chris said...

Ooh, I totally have a great series you can read....the main character reminds me a bit of you- in all her good characteristics, naturally.
The book is first of a series, but it can stand on its own, if you want.
It is called Crocodile on the Sandbank and it is by Elizabeth Peters. I have recommended it to a lot of people and everyone has liked it :)


PS. What color is the junk room?


Anonymous said...

Fun random thoughts! It is so hard to be busy during the spring for me. I just want to be outside and play. Good luck with your organizing.