Saturday, March 27, 2010

Todays Project Is....

This last Sunday I was released from being the Relief Society president and called to be a Primary teacher for the 6 year old class. Since I retired from the City of Mesa, I have had really busy callings in the church, so Monday came rolling along and there wasn't much to do. I kind of sat around the house and just enjoyed the day, and that's how it has been the past week. My sweet husband thought I was going into some kind of depression cause when he got home from work, there I was, laying on the couch watching TV. I told him I wasn't used to not having anything to do and that in a few weeks I would get my groove going and wouldn't miss the down time at all. Besides, while he is gone I keep busy and rarely have the TV on at all. So he decided that I needed a project to do while he was at work.

Yes, he picked oranges off our tree and had me juice and freeze them. Andy came home from school and asked if he could help, so in about an hour we had a large pitcher, and 6 quart size freezer bags full of fresh orange juice. I am really hoping that he doesn't want me to juice lemons cause the tree is full of them!
This past week I went with Peanut to pick out silk flowers for her wedding bouquet, boutonnieres, and the mom corsages. Thanks to my friend Wendi, she was able to get an okay from one of her friends to use her company name and get the flowers at wholesale. The flower designer at the warehouse was able to help us get some really pretty flowers along with fillers for the arrangement. She is even adding some "bling" to the bouquet, which Peanut loves. When it is done, I will post a picture of them.
Well I best be off, cause I am sure that if Tommy catches me goofing off, he'll find another project for me to do. Got to love him!!

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Anonymous said...

So funny about Tommy giving you projects! Have fun with that! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your years of dedicated service and example as relief society president. The Lord has to be proud of your work and your good heart!