Thursday, May 27, 2010

The "Project"

For the last 3 weeks I have been after Andy to get his room cleaned out and all the stuff he wants to keep packed away. He started yesterday. Peanut has a bedroom set that she is bringing with her, so all of the furniture and the bed needs to be cleaned off to make room for the new stuff. Below are pictures of what he needs to do. Noticed I said "HE" needs to do. I hurt my back moving furniture and cleaning so I really haven't been able to help, besides, whose room is this!

Notice the black thing with the TV on it, and the thing in the corner by the dog bed. Well that is all going away. And yeah, he has a lot of Cd's, DVDs, and games. Oh, the dog has to find somewhere else to sleep....poor Lady!
I had hopes of painting the room before the move, but that is so not going to happen right now. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

This stuff on the floor came out of his closet. How can one kid collect so much stuff? Oh yeah, he is mine and Tommy's child. Of course my stuff are treasures!

His bed, it is never made and usually covered with clean and or dirty clothes. Wow, Peanut has a lot of work to do to get him in shape!

The nightstand that is usually covered in a lot more papers than what you see. If you will notice at the bottom of the stand by the wall is a bill that I am sure he put there so he won't forget to pay it.

I only took a picture of half of the open closet. The other side is just as scary as this side. That other ugly black CD holder is going too.

His TV stand with all of his Xbox stuff is another matter. I'm not sure Peanut will tolerate all that stuff in their bedroom. Of course the TV stand is going and I bought a long bookcase looking thing at Ikea for them to store movies and such, but I am sure it will fill up fast.

I really didn't think that all this stuff would end up in my loft area. If you know me at all, I can't stand to have all this clutter around and right now it is bugging the heck out of me. Deep cleansing breaths!!

The ugly black thing is out of his bedroom along with the tall bookcase thing. I just didn't want it in my loft. He is going to try to sell some of this stuff on Craigslist, and I think the oak stuff will sell. So get a stinking picture of the stuff and then move it outside!!
This too shall pass, we hope!


Wendi said...

What a crazy kid. He is just like the rest of them for sure. Boys will be boys and girls can't live without them so Peanut will fix it or live with it. I am sorry about your back. Take better care of my friend will you. And enjoy this time, the storm before the calm or visa versa. See ya soon

Rachel and Chris said...

Don't let it stress you out too badly. It will all come together sooner or later. You are so nice to by helping so much. I feel for you with the clutter situation- you could always think of creative and fun ways to rid yourself of the stuff!

Whipple said...

Have a great week at the Temple with Andy!