Thursday, August 26, 2010

Peanut's Birthday

My sweet daughter-in-law had her 21st birthday last week. I had to wait to blog about it because Andy decided to throw her a surprise birthday party for her and I didn't want to ruin it in case she were to read my blog.

We wanted to make this birthday special for her for several reasons. It is her first birthday as an official "Campa", and it was that milestone, 21st birthday. She had told Andy that all she wanted was a party, and being the sly, sneaky, man that he is, he had her convinced that he had dropped the ball and it wasn't going to happen. As a family, we went out to dinner at Dave and Buster's. They had a deal going on that if you ordered from the specific deal items, you get a $10.00 game card thrown in. The food wasn't fabulous, but it was okay but the games were fun. Andy and Tommy had fun shooting baskets and I just had fun watching. Peanut loved it! After wards we came home and had pie with birthday candles.

Andy and I made preparations the day before the party and bought all the party supplies and paper goods and delivered them to her brother's house so that the next day, her official birthday, he could hang out with her. He took her to Crackers for breakfast and they went shopping. Later that day he blindfolded her and drove to Queen Creek to where the party was and all of their friends surprised her. I asked him to take pictures of the party, but he forgot the camera. Luckily I got a couple of pictures of her in her cute outfit that the best mother-in-law in the world bought for her!

I saw this dress with one of my shopping friends and immediately thought of Peanut. It looks really cute on her and of course, it was on sale!!

I got Andy to pose with her before they left. She had a great day. "Happy Birthday, Peanut!!"


Wendi said...

Happy 21st birthday girl. Now is when life gets really fun!!! Hope your day was wonderful. Good job best MIL in the world, the dress is adorable. We need to hang out!!!

Chelley said...

Happy Birthday, Peanut! Cute dress! You seem like you are having fun being a mother in law!

I sure do miss you. Hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

So so glad that you are enjoying your family and way to go best mother in law!

Rachel and Chris said...

How cute is this!?!?!
I love how supportive you are. She can joing the girls-with-great-mothers-in-law club