Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Well actually, it was a tie. Most of you voted for picture numbers 2 and 6. I took some pictures of my bedroom, and can't believe I am posting them on my blog for the whole world to see. Well maybe not the whole world, but for my fellow blogger friends to see. So I have swallowed my pride and posted them below the two winners.

I really like this color and think that when I paint it will be really close to this color. My sweet daughter in law also likes this color and since comforters/bedspreads cost so much, and I don't want to spend the money, I can keep my current bedspread.

Can you picture my green bedspread I have in my room now with this? One word, YUCK!!

This is looking into my bathroom. I have way too much junk and will hopefully let go of it. After all, it is just stuff!

You can't really see the picture, but it's going too.

The really ugly floral thing about the bed is going along with the two pictures. So are the ugly pillows on the bed. I am sure that Tommy will have something to say about that. He lays in bed with all of them placed under, or on top of various body parts. It drives me crazy cause they end up on top of me in the middle of the night.
Yes, I have a very ugly rocker recliner in my room, but it is so stinking comfy that it will stay. I spend hours reading, napping, watching TV, etc...on it and just really can't part with it.
I will post pictures after I have completed this whole thing, but don't hold your breath that it will be anytime soon. It's still too hot and I am not painting until the temps drop down i
nto the 80's!


Wendi said...

It's going to be beautiful for sure. Can't wait to see it. Have fun in Texas I know I will in Logan. Jacque called today and said she was freezing!!! Gotta love it. See ya soon, be safe.

Rachel and Chris said...

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!! CUTE!