Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The "Baked Potato" Cake

Last Friday was Peanut's dads 50th birthday and all of his kids got together and decided to throw him a surprise party. The oldest lives in Boise with her husband and another daughter lives in Rexburg with her husband. They flew in and stayed with other family members so he wouldn't know they were in town. Everyone had a part to do for they party and Peanut's was to make a cake. Since Jerry, her dad, is from Idaho, she decided to make a cake that would look like a baked potato. So she did a trial run a couple of weeks before the actual event, and that is the picture of how it turned out. But, since there were going to be a lot more people she had to make the cake a lot bigger.

The smaller version of the cake.

Eight cakes later, frozen, then frosted in between each layer, then cut to look like a potato. She covered it in marshmallow fondant so it wouldn't fall apart. The lighter area is where she had a wet paper towel on it. You'll see why as you scroll through the pictures. That is coco on the bottom of the pan so it would look like dirt.

These are nuts that she put red food coloring on to make it look like bacon bits.

Crushed up pistashio nuts with green food coloring for the chives.

A crushed oreo cookie with a little powdered sugar for the pepper.

She cut the top part of the fondant open so she could add the sour cream, (cool whip).

With the cool whip on top, she added frosting to the lighter colored part of the cake.

Adding the lettering, which was a tad frustrating cuz the stuff wouldn't come out very smooth.

The finished baked potato with all the fixins on top. She used yellow food coloring on some frosting to make it look like the butter. It was the hit of the night and mighty tasty I might add!


AZ Larsens said...

That is amazing!! Wow. She should get in the cake-making business!

Wendi said...

Beyond amazing. Where did she learn to do all of that. So cool. I am totally impressed.

Valerie Ipson said...


Sorry we missed you at the party. Andy said you had just left. Now I'm sorry we had to miss seeing the cake, too. So impressive, Peanut. (You should mention that Jerry is from Idaho himself--hence the potato cake.)

Rachel said...

hahahhahaha GO PEANUT!
I am so impressed with a cake that looks like a potato! (Those are words I didn't picture myself ever saying....)

Heather said...

Wow! That is awesome!