Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mexico Bound

We just finished watching a special on NBC about the drug cartels and the killing and violence going on in Mexico. Why we watched it I don't know because in just a few short days we are on our way to Mexico City to visit family. However, I'm really looking forward to the trip and to seeing family.

Tommy's brother lives in Mexico City and we go visit about every 3 years. The last time we were there, we had so much fun and a lot has happened while we were gone. My sister in law has battled a brain tumor and has won! I'm not sure what type of cancer or where it was located, but in my opinion, any brain tumor isn't good. They also have the nicest and loving est family and so I'm sure that she the best care they could give her. They have also sold and built another house. Armando, Tommy's brother is so talented in that he can build just about anything, as well as tile, plumb, and do the electrical. The last time we visited we were able to do a bit of traveling and see some of the prettiest towns in Mexico. We visited Morelli, which is where Tommy's mom was born. Such a pretty city! We also traveled to Leon to see Armando's son and family. Leon is known for leather as in shoes, jackets, wallets, etc...If we go again, I'm buying, buying, buying!!

Well wish us luck that we get there and return without incident, which I'm sure we will. Pictures and our travel experiences to come later! ADIOS MIS AMIGOS!!


curtis and jacque dana said...

Have a great time & travel safe!

Wendi said...

Oh man you are brave, not me, I am a chicken, but I could use a new dress from there and I have cash this time. Call me before you go, so I can talk to you for the very last time!!! Not funny you better make it home I will not survive life without you.