Saturday, April 2, 2011


For most of you that know me, know that I have various and assorted knots in my shoulders from working out or stress. I have nothing to be stressed about so I think it's from my workouts. I also have problems with those muscles in my shoulders pulling and causing problems with my neck and headaches. I tend to not do anything about them until I am DYING and can't stand the pain any longer. Luckily for me, I happened upon a status update on facebook from a friend asking to trade massage for house cleaning. I like to clean. Yes, there I said it. I like to clean. It's my therapy, it's instant gratification for me. It make me feel good after it is done, that I have accomplished something that is visible. So I responded to her status and a deal was made. Three hours of cleaning for a 90 minute massage...I should say, 90 minutes of a painful HEAVEN! I say painful because when she hits those areas and follows them to get the "crackles" out, it hurts. But afterwards, it is so wonderful! I have been cleaning for about a month now and I know that I have gotten the better end of this deal. My last visit to her house for my trip to heaven was probably the best massage yet. My right shoulder and neck area was really tight and after about an hour of her massaging, and I mean DEEP massaging, my muscles finally relaxed. I am happy to report that since Wednesday, I haven't felt any knots and for the first time in a very LONG time, I am relaxed. I have been trying to be more aware of how I position my shoulders while sitting, sleeping, walking, working out, etc...I hug a pillow at night, and I think that has contributed to my knots. It has taken me a few nights to get used to not having the pillow, and now I no longer need it. I am looking forward to my next massage without having the pain of those tender areas. I love this arrangement! I am definitely getting the better end of this deal. Thanks Terina!


Terina said...

Thanks Marilyn! I'm so glad you're seeing such great results! This is truly a match made in heaven, the two of us!

Rachel said...

My gosh. I like cleaning... I actually miss the days when I could do it. Now I have two little munchkins who need my attention constantly... it is so so so so so not cool.

Really deep massages always make me a little nauseous. Not you? (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE them)