Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Favorite All Time Movies

I love to watch movies and some of my most favorite ones are the classics. If you haven't had a chance to watch any, let me know because I have most of the ones listed here. You won't regret it!!

Midnight Lace

This is an early Doris Day and Rex Harrison movie. The movie opens up with Kit Preston (Doris Day) walking through the London fog and she hears a voice tell her that they are going to kill her. Rex Harrison plays her husband and he doesn't believe her. That's all I want to say because I don't want to ruin the movie.

Rex Harrison and Doris Day

The Magic of Ordinary Days

This is such a sweet love story with Keri Russell and Skeet Ulrich. Keri plays Livy, a young woman who is pregnant out of wedlock and very educated. Her father arranges a marriage to Ray Singleton, Skeet Ulrich. The movies is set in WWII and such a great love story. Who couldn't love Skeet Ulrich!!

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

Such a great comedy and if you've ever built a new home with your significant other, then you will get a kick out of this movie. My all time favorite actor, Cary Grant is the main character. You'll love the scene when his wife, Myrna Loy, is telling the painter what colors she wants painted in the new house.

Return to Me

Another great love story! My favorite scene is with all the older men dancing together. So cute and Carroll O'Connor does such a great job playing Minnie Driver's grandfather.

Hope Floats
Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr. star and they make such a great couple. I love the dynamics between Bertie, Sandra Bullock's character, and her mother Ramona, Gena Rowland.

Who wouldn't want Harry Connick Jr. waiting for you with a bouquet of flowers!

My Big FAT Greek Wedding

Okay, this picture of Toula, Nia Vardalos, kind of reminds me of me when I was in high school. Yes, I was frump girl. I know, it's hard to believe, ha ha!! We had a Greek family that lived next door to us and this movie reminds me of them.

Check her out in her muchly adorned wedding gown!

The Help

I loved, loved, loved the book and the movie did not disappoint me. I won't say anything about it because I don't want to spoil it. Just remember, you is is is important!!

Sissy Spacek was so great as Hilly's mom!

What are some of your favorite movies?


Valerie Ipson said...

Love this post, Marilyn. I'd love to borrow some of those old movies! Lance is gone to South America on business, so now's a good time.

Rachel said...

Return to Me - guess who LOVES it? That's right...Chris. How awesome is that!! I love How to Marry a Millionaire with Marilyn Monroe and also Donovan's Reef and Hatari with John Wayne... also give me Jimmy Stewart or Clark Gable any day of the week....

Joan Sowards said...

Heaven Can Wait, What's Up Doc, Ghost Breakers with Bob Hope, an ancient movie titled Nobody Lives Forever are all among my favorites.