Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tommy's Gone and I'm Bored

The title of this blog sums up the last few days, well sort of. Since I retired, which has been 6 years ago, I knew that I would have to find things during the day to occupy my time, and when you have worked full time for 30 years it is a bit of a struggle. You think you have to be doing something every minute of the day. I was lucky in that I was asked to be the 1st Counselor in Relief Society and then the President. So for the first 4 years of retirement, I was busy. Now that I am no longer doing those callings, life has slowed down quite a bit. At first I thought that I need to go find a part time job to occupy my time.  I even went so far as to apply at a few places. Ross, Sam's, Costco, a medical place that does hearing on newborns, and a few others. But in reality I'm only bored during the summer months because I feel like I should be gone the entire summer having all sorts of fun and games. Nothing wrong with the way I think! It's too hot to be outdoors and most of my friends still have kids in school so their summers are occupied. But, I really only get bored in the evenings, and most evenings Tommy is home. Go figure!! This is the time of year he goes away on his golfing trip, and he loves to golf! I'm really glad he got to go and the last few days I have shopped, ate out, got a pedicure, had lunch with friends, and spent time with Andy and Peanut. But come the evening, I get a little bored. I am trying really hard to stay up a little later at night so I can sleep in, but I have been getting up at 4:30-5:00 so I can attend boot camp. Since tomorrow is Sunday, my plan is to sleep and if I wake up, I am forcing myself to stay in bed! Repeat after me, I will sleep in, I will sleep in!!
Lets talk about boot camp. It's been good for me in a torturous kind of way. I can't run, and never have been able to run even when I was younger. I'm not sure if I know how to breathe correctly or what, but I always get winded within the first few minutes. My trainer that runs the Saturday boot camp is big on running. Which honestly just stinks, because I can't run! I need to get him to help me with that. The boot camp during the week is a bunch of ladies that got together and they switch off teaching. Monday is killer day. The girl that teaches has us running the track and then running bleachers. I'm going to be 57 this year and running the bleachers isn't something I can do very fast or very well. But I go and do what I can and I have made some new friends.
Well there it is in a long nutshell. Hopefully when it cools off a bit I can get more active. I have a vision of stripping some more furniture and re-staining. I have bar stools, and bed stands. that need some TLC. Hopefully that won't take me a year to do. Take care and hurry and get those kids back to school so we can play!!


Heather said...

I think it is so great that you are up and hitting boot camp hard every morning, even Saturdays! You are inspiring to me!

Rachel said...

MY gosh you are amazing. Look at you go. That's phenomenal - you are like the little engine that could, only you make this look good :)

I am constantly in admiration of people like yourself- the ones that look at life with no start of finish deadlines. You can do it when you want to do it.

One of my favorite quotes "Decide what you want to be, then do what it takes to get there."

Oh wait...that's you!