Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Christmas Wish List

I thought it would be fun to list all the things that I would love to have for Christmas. They're not extravagant or even expensive, but they are things that I am sure I won't get...and that's okay.
1. Okay, don't get me wrong, I love them and it has been okay with them here, but I would love it if they could afford to move out and start a home of their own. They want it just as much as I want it for them. We are hoping, praying, wishing that Andy can get a better, full-time job so they can do this. But until then.....

2. I want someone to paint my bedroom and bathroom. I have bought the paint, bought the new towel fixtures, and will soon by buying new faucets. So what's my problem, I don't know and probably am feeling overwhelmed by it all. One wall at a time, right?

3. I want to go away for a few days. I would settle for Tempe, Scottsdale, Tuba City. Really just a chance for Tommy and I to get away for awhile.

4. I want someone to teach me how to run properly, as in long distance running. I dream about it and every time I try, I end up with shin splints and problems with my Achilles tendon. It really stinks to get old!

5. I want a new wardrobe. I won't deny that I have a lot of clothes, but they're old and out of style. I used to love to shop for clothes and the last few years I just don't care or even want to shop. Maybe it's because I'm not working and those people that see me don't care.

6. I want to simplify my life and get rid of all the clutter. The problem is.....Tommy. His philosophy is as long as we have the room, why bother. I guess I need to accept his philosophy and just go with it.

7. I want my hair stylist to cut my hair so that I don't have all these stupid cow licks that stick up every time I blow my hair dry. I tell her every time and every time she cuts it the same way. I really don't want to change stylist, but come on. How hard is that!

8. I want a new dinning room set. My table top is scratched, nicked, and only seats 4 people. Every time we have company over, we cram each other at this little table. I have dropped so many hints and finally told Tommy how badly we needed something else. Well, that didn't work so I guess I'm just going to have to go buy it and then tell him.

9. I want to learn how to redo wood furniture. I'm not brave enough to just "go for it". Any hints?

10. Most of all is I want us all to be safe and happy.

Maybe in 2011 I'll finally get what I want! I'll keep you all posted.


Rachel said...

I hope that you get everything you want and more :)

I want a new wardrobe too

hufflepufffamily said...

Nice list! I will be rooting for you that you get all these things in 2011. Unless Santa gave you some for Christmas! :) Happy New Year.