Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Well Christmas has come and gone and unfortunately my camera is having issues and I wasn't able to retrieve my pictures. Thankfully my sister in laws took some good pictures and I was able to copy them.
My sister in laws have started a tradition of shopping together every Christmas season and having lunch together. I look forward to this day as we laugh, spend money, eat, and enjoy each other without having to worry about kids, grand kids, and husbands. So we decided to take a picture in front of Jewelie's Christmas tree before we headed to Chandler Mall. Turned out to be a great picture and day.

Me, Jewelie and Penny

While we were out shopping they talked me into buying a Christmas shirt. I didn't want to spend money on a shirt I will only wear once or twice during the year or one that looked like my mom would have worn. But, I have to admit it was a cute shirt and I wore it to the Christmas Eve family party and all day on Christmas.
This year Penny and Rick, my brother and sister in law, hosted the party. We had carne asada, beans, rice, salad, chips and salsa, Tommy's famous guacamole, jello salad, shrimp, and a ton of desserts. It was all really yummy!

This my brother in law Rick who finally got a plate after cooking the meat.

We had our white elephant gift exchange. Above is Angela, my niece. She is patiently waiting for the game to start. Below is the gift I picked. It's a drinking game, buy instead of beer they had root beer with it. Of course it got stolen, in fact all the gifts I picked got stolen. I guess that's the fun of the game.

These are my nieces, Jewelie's daughter and her sister in law. The little one sitting on her mom's lap is a cutie. She used to have red hair but it has turned more blond and very curly. She was a hoot to watch.

Jewelie trying on my shoes. I have really big feet so they didn't fit her.

Yep, this is most of us. We still have family in Florida and Mexico City. We missed them and hopefully they can join us one of these years.
Tommy and I spent Christmas Day with Peanuts family and then to my good friends Wendi's house. We had a blast and it was so much fun to spend time with her son who just returned home from his mission. We ate, laughed, played games and just enjoyed each other.
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and will have a very Happy New Year!!


Wendi said...

It was a great Christmas for sure. I need to catch my blog up too. I love all of your pictures. Thanks for coming and making then end of the day as wonderful as the start. Life sure would not be the same without you......love you tons and tons and then some!!!

Rachel said...

Dedicated bloggers such as yourself give me this guilty feeling.

So glad you had a phenomenal Christmas!!!!