Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why I Haven't Blogged

First of all I had a birthday on October 28th, and that was at least 7 weeks ago, but that's my first excuse. Since I can never think of what I want for a gift, I figure home improvement things are good. When I painted my bathroom we had all chrome fixtures and I changed them to brushed nickle after we painted except for the sink, bathtub and shower fixtures. So I decided on sink fixtures. This is the before picture and if you look closely you can see where the gunk has eaten away part of the chrome. Yuck!!

New, shiny, pretty, brushed nickle fixture. I love it because the spout is taller and easier to get a glass or your mouth under when you brush your teeth!

The next reason I haven't blogged is because back in August, I bought a used dining table with 6 chairs at a thrift store. My current table on sits 4 people comfortably and you can squeeze 6, but it is a tight fit. I found this set and it was sturdy and in good condition, but as you can see, it needs a little bit of a face lift.

The seats were covered in this outdated blue and peach looking stuff. So off the the fabric store I went and found..............

this. It goes with the colors in my family room which is next to where the table sits. I'm excited to see what it will look like when I finish. That is if I ever finish!

Every spare moment has been working on these chairs. I put the stripping stuff on, but was not able to get to the chairs within the 48 hour time limit and I put it on 3 chairs. STUPID! I think I will stain the set black. Tommy tells me just to paint it but I want the wood grain to show through. Like it will be able to stained black! Oh well, we shall see.

This is after scraping and then I still had to sand them. The spindles in the chair take the longest and it has to be done by hand. Tommy took pity on me and bought me an oscillating tool that has a scraper and sander. So great to do the small areas, but still have to do some by hand and it's taking 4 to 5 hours to do 1 chairs. So far I have 2.99 chairs done. Next time I come up with an idea to do this just shoot me! Every spare moment has been sanding and I now wear a wrist brace every night and aspercream has become my new best friend!

I caught a cold last Sunday and just really wanted to not get out of bed. However, I had to teach my 11 year old Primary kids. Got up, showered, dressed, went to teach and then came home and died! Haven't been to the gym and I haven't sanded.

Since today was cold and overcast I figured what a good day to update the old blog!


Heather said...

You are a brave soul to tackle such a large project! I always think it will be such a great idea to do something and then think of how much money I will save! Woohoo right? Not. Time! Time is so precious and expensive. :) Better you than me and I know it will look wonderful when you finish. We also need a larger table but I am saving my pennies to just buy one outright.

I hope you feel better soon!

Rachel said...

Home improvement is a great gift! I always want to do things to fix up the house around the holidays too - that's a huge project. Call if you need help!